Survey on the Enjoyment of Smoking by the Centre for Substance Use Research in Glasgow

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October 20, 2016
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Survey on the Enjoyment of Smoking by the Centre for Substance Use Research in Glasgow

For years now I have complained bitterly that smokers are not consulted or listened to in this so-called war on tobacco. This trumped up war is all about us and our choice to smoke and yet neither public health nor govrrnmrnt ever discuss it with us.

Instead, they discuss it among themselves and then make statements telling us what they think we think and why we do what we do. This ridiculous situation culminates in the anti-tobacco movement opting to speak on the smoker’s behalf. It is the equivalent of allowing the criminals speak for the victims in court. This is why we are treated so badly and why our core democratic right to choose is undermined.

But Neil McKeganey Ph.D, director of the Centre for Substance Use Research in Glasgow, wrote an insightful piece in which he points out the obvious. Entitled, ‘The Enjoyment of Smoking’, he acknowledges what we’ve always known, that we like to smoke and for various reasons too.

Prompted by this, Forest is funding a CSUR survey asking smokers directly whether they do so for pleasure or is there some other reason for their habit.
We urge you to take a few minutes and fill in this short survey. For Irish participants, where you see references to the NHS, you can assume the HSE in your answers. “The Smokers’ Survey,” says McKeganey, “is a way of getting the voices of smokers heard above the clamour for ever greater regulation.”

All participation is confidential.