May 27, 2013

Road to Prohibition – part three

The more we change the more we remain the same. In the Midlands a Polish barmen said to me, “How are ya?” Are they becoming more […]
May 22, 2013

Road to Prohibition – part two

Yesterday on Radio Kerry I pointed out to the charming presenter that there was neither a medical nor scientific reason to restrict smoking outdoors. I added […]
May 18, 2013

Road to Prohibition – part one

The theme of this year’s tour is ‘creeping prohibition’. Like very many of you I am heartily sick of the vilification of smokers, based as it […]
May 11, 2013

Bad week for tobacco control

It’s been an interesting week in tobacco control. First, the UK dropped the stupid idea of plain packaging and then problems appeared at EU level. In […]
May 2, 2013

Almost 4,000 lives “saved” by smoking ban? Take a closer look

It was reported this week that 3,726 lives [were] saved by introducing the smoking ban in 2004. This is due, we are told, to the absence […]