January 26, 2011

There’s more to cancer than smoking

With the bombardment of propaganda in ban-blighted Ireland over the last seven years, many unsuspecting souls believe that, since they don’t smoke, they will probably never […]
January 25, 2011

Puritans are leading us towards the asylum

I met a guy in the pub last night who had an interesting view on life today. Over a few pints (my car was already in […]
January 21, 2011

Health zealots and the death of the Irish pub

On Wednesday the Irish Times published a letter I wrote in response to an article about the woes of the Irish pub: Madam, – Conor Pope’s […]
January 20, 2011

Michael Martin’s “disastrous mistake”

For several years I have contributed to IrishHealth.com. The smoking ban in Ireland was/is their longest running and most commented on debate. Unusually, the debate began […]
January 15, 2011

Belgium: another refuge for smokers

When I think of Belgium, I think “boring”. No offence to Belgians, but the prospect of a trip to Belgium just does not quicken the pulse. […]